These days few organizations of any scale can operate without the support of contract workers which is why it’s important to keep them happy.

A good gig worker can be a real asset to a busy team, perhaps because they have specialist skills or knowledge, or because they are willing to bridge a critical gap during a period of staff shortages. A good gig worker can also be hard to come by since most are very busy and may already have more clients than they can really cope with. 

So if you want to hold on to your most prized gig workers, and avoid giving them an excuse to ditch you in favor of other clients, it’s essential to foster good relationships with them

1. Bother Them Wisely

If you find yourself writing any email to a gig worker that begins with the words “I know you’re on vacation, but …” stop yourself immediately and think.  Yes, that gig worker is on vacation – a vacation that he or she is probably in desperate need of given the frantic pace at which many gig workers operate, and the heavy workloads they bear. Is your request really so urgent that you need to disturb someone’s vacation for it? The acid test is this: would you disturb your boss’ vacation to ask the same question? If the answer is no, you need to hold off on sending that email.

2. Pay Them On Time

Gig employment usually requires an inordinate amount of invoice chasing on the part of the gig worker. What are the implications of that for you, the employer? Well, imagine how you would feel if instead of receiving a regular salary on a given day each month, you had to hassle and hassle until your employer finally coughed up. Would it be good for your productivity? Would it result in you having warm, fluffy feelings about your employer? Or would it end up with you becoming quite disgruntled and seriously contemplating taking your services and talents elsewhere?

You have to be concerned about what would happen if your workers have to repeatedly hassle you for payments. They are going to start factoring ‘hassle’ into their pricing and that’s going to cost you more.

3. Praise Them When They Knock It Out Of The Park

Many gig workers spend long hours working on their own and have minimum contact with the wider workplace. Since they can’t read your mind, they won’t know what you think of their latest endeavors – unless you tell them, of course. Too often, the only feedback that gig workers get is negative. Good work tends to be met with a wall of silence – the client is happy so the gig worker doesn’t hear from them again.

In his seminal book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, the late Dale Carnegie talks about giving honest and sincere appreciation and emphasizes the need to make other people feel important. If your team depends on the efforts of gig workers, make it clear that you value their contribution. Research shows that money only motivates people to a certain degree so never assume that payment of an invoice is sufficient recognition of a job well done.

4. Make Onboarding Easy as Pie

Keep qualified talent happy by eliminating manual steps throughout the hiring process. Imagine a paperless onboarding platform that automates the entire candidate experience by leveraging a variety of standard integrations including ATS, WOTC, drug testing, background screening, payroll, remote I-9, and E-Verify.

In a short amount of time your gig workers can be done with onboarding and busy working on your next project.  Don’t waste your time and theirs with endless paperwork and piles of red tape that could take weeks. If you aren’t using an automated platform for onboarding, you are already running laps behind your competition. 

5. Blow Them Away by Providing Benefits.

 One of the main reasons gig workers can be unhappy is when they realize they cannot access benefits such as health insurance. If a freelancer needs health insurance, they can pay for it independently, but they will have to pay for 100 percent of the cost. That’s a tough decision to make for anybody.

By providing benefits such as competitive health insurance and 401k, your company can attract more talent while keeping your gig workers happy and ready to focus on their work.

Face the Facts

Let’s face it – finding and retaining gig workers is not easy. It’s no longer sufficient to focus on attracting and retaining only full-time employees. Independent workers are sometimes the key to solving the persistent problems of unfilled positions, scarcity of specific skills and expertise in local labor markets, and the need to scale up and down in response to business cycles. The companies that make the changes and the effort needed find, attract and onboard the top independent workers will have better access to the skills, experience, and expertise they need.

The war for talent is only intensifying, and the new battleground is the independent workforce. Skilled workers can choose which companies and managers they want to work for, and that choice is most often based on their desire for interesting, challenging work that is valued, and their need for control over their work schedule. Companies that want to stay competitive must respond. Winning the war for talent means being the best place to work for the entire workforce –both employees and independent workers. It means keeping your workers happy!

Let’s Wrap It Up

Don’t worry – there is a third way to streamline internal operations around freelancers – outsource the entire onboarding process by working with a third-party employer-of-record service or contingent workforce platform. In those cases, the they assumes responsibility for attracting talent, gathering data on each worker, managing payments and invoices, automating onboarding, and handling background checks. This solution can be particularly attractive for companies just starting or experimenting with hiring independent workers, or firms that lack capacity to manage freelance talent in-house.

Gigomy is exactly that type of solution. You identify your ideal employee for your position, we hire them as one of our employees and become the official Employer of Record. We take the responsibility of issuing payroll checks (on time), submitting local, state and federal payroll taxes, and provide workers’ compensation insurance and general liability (E&O) coverage, all while providing amazing customer service. Not to mention our amazing on boarding platform that makes the process quick and easy. We help to keep those workers happy so they can focus on doing what they do best.

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