First things first, how are you holding up? Working from home presents itself with many challenges as well as advantages, hopefully more of the latter for you. While many people are adjusting how they work during this pandemic, there is a group of workers who are being hit exponentially harder than most, contractors. You see it on the news, companies like Google and sports franchises are setting up funds for workers who have been let go, or unable to perform their job due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

There is a way to show your contract employees you care about and provide them with adequate support during these times.

Utilizing an employer of record takes these employees from 1099/contractor status to a W2ed employee but does not carry any of the legal and administrative burden you’re used to having. An employer of record places this subset of employees on their own payroll, and handles everything from onboarding to offboarding, everything in-between, and most importantly in a time like this, offers workers health insurance and unemployment benefits.

Nobody can predict when something like this will happen, and hopefully it’s a long time before we see anything like this again.

For most gig/contract/seasonal workers, every paycheck matters, having health insurance matters, and feeling like they’re part of a team matters.

A recent CNN Business Poll shows that a majority of gig companies are doing the bare minimum during the Coronavirus outbreak. These workers have no benefits, no recourse for lost jobs and/or wages due to the shut down. This is an opportunity where a company can show how much they value their gig workers. Make them a W2 worker, allow them to care for themselves and their families. Yes, it is a lot of work to onboard, provide benefits, stay compliant, verify hours, properly administer pay, handle terminations, but you have a partner you can trust who can handle all of the above. Gigomy has over 25 years’ experience in just this. We can take your project/gig workers and offer them a full suite of benefits for a very nominal cost.

Reach out today to learn more so you can keep a smile on your workers’ faces.

Author: Andy Free, Gigomy